The Finnish Afghan Hound Club’s National Specialty Show 2024

(Official Specialty with CAC for Afghan Hounds)

(Näyttelyn sivu suomeksi)
(Utställningens sida på svenska)

Saturday 15.6.2024

Tuorlan Majatalo
Tuorlantie 1 E, 21500 Kaarina

Judge: Wayne Douglas (Dansn), Australia
Interview with the judge
(pdf, scroll down for English version)

Baby 5-7 months
Puppy 7-9 months
Junior, Intermediate, Open, Working, Champion, Veteran
There are also Breeder- and Progenygroups

Unofficial class for pet dogs, who are unable to participate in official classes (for ex. no testicles)

We also organize unofficial pair- and junior handling competitions during the day. You can entry both of them before the actual date or in the morning at the show place. Judge: Jenna Jalava

BIS Puppy
BIS Junior
BIS Intermediate
BIS Working dog
BIS Veteran
BIS Breeder group
BIS Progeny group


Entries before 15.4.
1st dog 25 €
2nd etc. dog from same owner 22 €/dog
Puppies and Veterans 20 €/dog
Veterans over 10 years in Veteran or Pet class 5 €/dog
Pets 15 €/dog

Entries  between 16.4.-15.5.
1st dog 38 €
2nd etc. dog from same owner 35 €/dog
Puppies and Veterans 33 €/dog
Veterans over 10 years in Veteran class 5 €/dog
Pets 25 €/dog
Junior handler and pair class 5€

Entries between 16.5.-29.5. ONLY ONLINE!
50 €/dog (all classes)


Entries for unofficial pair- and junior handling competitions 5 €/ dog by email or in the morning at the show place.


Registration for the show must be done either by post or via the internet.

When entering the dog to the show, the exhibitor undertakes to comply existing rules of the Finnish Kennel Club and supplementary regulations and vaccination regulations.

NB! To get the discount (another dog of the same owner, etc.), make sure that the registration forms and a copy of the payment receipt are sent in the same envelope or done with the same online signup. The discount is only applied to full-price registration fees (not puppies, veterans, pets or pair- and junior handling competitions)

The entries can be done electronic in Showlink’s online service (credit card payment). Name of the show is ”Afgaaninvinttikoirien pääerikoisnäyttely”

Entries for unofficial Pet class, pair- and junior handling competitions by
No other entries by email!

By post

Send the Finnish Kennel Club’s registration form and a copy of the payment of the registration fee to:
Jasmin Rainoma
Peräpellonkatu 1
21200 Raisio
Payment from abroad:
IBAN: FI96 2363 1800 0064 59
Account name: Suomen Afgaanit ry
Reference number: 2023 06117

NB! Use the reference, do not mark anything in the message box. You can pay for all registrations at once, in one single payment; if necessary, include a separate handwritten message with the receipt for analysis.

Registration must always be done in writing – just paying the exhibition fee is not a registration!

Exhibitions are subject to SKL vaccination regulations and anti-doping rule. The dog must be identified.

Ads on the SA-FA National Specialty catalog 10 €/page, 6€/half page. Pay and send before last entry closes.

Inquiries & prize donations:
Jasmin Rainoma

We recommend that you book accommodation early, because there’s festival nearby at the same weekend.
There’s accomodation possibilities nearby show area for example:
Tuorlan Majatalo
Hotel Kivitasku

Ask more info from:

Follow our show at the social media and the website!


The show is sponsored by: 

Suomen Afgaanit r.y.